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By Law we can't tint the windscreen, and we will not tint anything darker than 70% on the front windows. If anyone has any difficulties or questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. The current regulations can be viewed at VOSA. If you would like to have your front windows darker than 70% you will need to sign a declaration to say the car is for show use only.

Having your vehicle windows tinted will definitely add a touch of definition, or if our client prefers, pure privacy. We offer different services, so each client is individually catered for. You can choose to either just have your windows tinted, or you can upgrade to glass shield (security tint) which is available in clear, or if preferred, tinted version.

Whatever our customers decide they can be assured that with the excellent superiority of our work we can guarantee that upon application of the tint there will be:

Our window will:


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